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A photographer never satisfied with his camera as the only media started his professional career and experimentations in Poland almost three decades ago.

He has been involved in a number of vanguard European art movements and exhibitions in Poland, Scotland, Japan, France, Austria and USA.

European heritage and conceptual art ideology brings a passion and style to his photography which is evidently seen not only in his every day commercial work, but also in his personal work.

Richard arrived in Australia in 1981 anticipated clients and photographers to be more broad minded, open to new ideas and willing to explore new means of expression.

Having worked previously also with film and video, Richard became involved in AV (audio visual) production. Working with this medium appeared to be closest to the ideology developed earlier in his non-commercial artistic activities. Working out of Ad-Libitum in North Sydney for three years as a resident photographer he produced number of AV shows and was perfecting his style of studio photography for clients such as 3M, Nestle, WANG, Horniak & Canny, Horwitz Publishing etc.

From 1985 Richard was on his own designing images, working for corporate clients and later also for publishing houses.

Richard has ability to shoot extremely well in a mixture of categories; still life location, landscape, studio work, still life product, editorial, travel and reportage with a particular affinity for working in extreme weather and light conditions and remote locations.

He uses photography in a manner that demands some intellectual exercise from viewers, where the message exist beyond the form of a materially organised image.


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